Automated pallet production
Storti Flex 61/62 pallet machine

Storti Flex 51/52 Woodworking Machine

Johannesburg Timber and Box has invested in the very best machinery to produce and provide the very best wood products. One machine is the Storti Flex, an excellent machine that assembles pallets in record time with an excellent and quality finish.

This pallet manufacturing machine is a state of the art piece of equipment that has revolutionised the production of the useful storage and transport device. This incredible piece of equipment can create over 3000 pallets a day, while only needing 4 people to operate it. To put that into perspective, the Storti Flex 51/52, can produce 10 pallets per minute. This machine helps us create pallets faster, more efficiently, more accurately and in turn helps us to save our customers money.


Johannesburg Timber and Box

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