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At Johannesburg Timber and Box we have two major operating sectors. One being pallet manufacturing and the other being pallet refurbishing and repair. In the manufacturing core, we primarily use pine (in specified grades) and saligna timber. We also manufacture boxes and crates.

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Wooden pallets


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The importance of pallets

Why are pallets so important? Pallets are of paramount importance to any logistics and distribution channels industry. These simple wooden structures ensure the smooth flow of production from start to finish. A pallet is a safe and efficient means of moving goods from one point to another and minimise the risk of damage to products as well as employees. Due to their huge use in many industries today the pallet often goes unnoticed because it is so naturalised in today’s society.

Goods that are moved using pallets can be done so much quicker than using manual labour. In fact these wooden inventions can shave hours off your moving time. In turn this is advantageous for your business. Minimising your logistical time means that you can make deliveries to clients faster and more safely. Your labourers will also be freed up from hard manual labour and will thus be able to spend more time speeding up the productive process. Pallets also mean fewer injuries to workers in the moving process.

For goods and products that are temperature sensitive pallets are an excellent way of controlling the temperature, ensuring the better transport of perishable goods.

The structure of pallets, often with gaps in between the slats allows for drainage and circulation, for fresh produce this is an excellent way to keep goods as fresh for as long as possible.

These wooden transports devices also make the storage of goods easier as well as neater especially in storage warehouses.

Jacks and forklifts have been tailored to fit the specifications of numerous pallet variations and this equipment makes the movement of goods on pallets even easier as goods can now be moved both vertically and horizontally to be properly transported, stored and distributed.

Many clients prefer that their wholesaler’s and retailers use pallets as this is one way of ensuring the very best distribution of goods to them, minimising damage and transport time as well as maximising the safety of supplies.