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Legal Certification for Johannesburg Timber and Box

What is the ISPM – 15 Certificate, and what does it mean?

ISPM stands for International Phytosanitary Measure that was created by the IPPC, the International Plant Protection Convention. This certificate is dedicated to the treatment of all wood materials and products greater than a thickness of 6mm that are used in the transport industry, more importantly, products that are used in the international shipping industry.

There is a great importance in ensuring that products that are sent overseas and abroad and treated against all pests in order to ensure that diseases are not spread from one country to another. This is paramount in ensuring the health and protection of humans, animals and plants. Many ecosystems have been destroyed via the spread of alien insects, plants and seeds that are transported via packaging materials.

ISPM 15 requires that all wood products involved in the packaging and transport industry be debarked and heat-treated. Debarking ensures that once the heat treatment process is complete the wood is not re-infested by insects that enjoy inhabiting bark. Johannesburg Timbers conforms to these standards ensuring that we aid in maintaining the safety or our environment and ecosystems locally and worldwide. All wooden products that comply with these standards are required to be branded to indicate their compliance. Informally known as the “wheat stamp”, this compliance mark indicates that our pallets are up to the world standard.

Without this mark of compliance the government has little way of controlling pest outbreaks. Potential outbreaks can cost millions in damage to farmers and consumers. Once a pest has broken out, containing it becomes harder and harder. In this case prevention is certainly better than cure, indicating how important the ISPM 15 is.

South Africa was one of the first countries to fully adopt the ISPM standards, choosing to conform to them in 2005. All Johannesburg Timber products are treated according to ISPM standards to ensure that our customers get the very best products.

ISPM-15 Certificate
Download the Johannesburg Timber and Box ISPN-15 certificate

What is the NPPPIS Certificate?

NPPPIS stands for National Plant and Plant Product Inspection Services.

The NPPPIS is a division of SAAFQIS, the South African Agricultural Food, Quarantine and Inspection Services. The NPPPIS is the body that certifies the IPSM 15 certificate and carries out the relevant inspections to ensure that industries that distribute wood packaging products are compliant with the ISPM 15 standards and are distributing the very best wood products.

The NPPPIS has a standard operating procedure that they expect all ISPM 15 registered companies to adhere to. This uniformity that Johannesburg Timbers complies with ensures we have the very best heat treated products for all of our customers.

NPPPIS Certificate
Download the Johannesburg Timber and Box National Plant and Plant Product Inspection Services certificate


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