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Holtec Autocut V at JHB
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This precision cross cut system is a highly important tool in our manufacturing line process. The “V” series machine has a top to bottom stroke speed of fifty-five seconds. Not only does it speed up production, with a system that is twice as fast as other crosscut systems, but it also provides a smoother and more accurate finish than any other cut off system available. The Holtec Autocut V is so accurate it can cut with a precision of +/- 1mm. Johannesburg Timber and Box is currently the only pallet manufacturer able to utilize this technology. Johannesburg Timber and Box can offer our clients the very best wood cut and finish because of our investment in this machine. Because of the state of the art technology that the Holtec “V” uses, the timber comes out far smoother with less propensity to splinter, chip or tear. The “V” series machine uses an exclusive “Scratcher” chain technology and a “Double Stellite” Guide Bar system. Together these systems allow for accurately and smoothly cut timber.

This system also allows for the bottom layers of wood to remain uncut. This in turn means that the lumber will be easier to handle in short packages. This technology ensures an accurate, smoother and planer finish on all lumber.

So in short, what does this machine mean for you, the customer?
It means we can offer you a faster service with more precision, the most accurate cuts of timber. The HOLTEC “V” series also only requires one forklift operator to run the machine. Meaning that you are not only saving in time, you are saving on labour
and production costs too.


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