4 way entry pallet

Four way entry pallets

A 4-Way design allows a forklift to enter and lift a load from 2 sides and 2 ends.

4-Way Pallets can either be partial or full 4-way. The difference is that partial pallets can only be entered 2-ways by a jack and 4-ways by a forklift. A full 4-way can be entered all ways by both a forklift and a jack.

Four Way Non-Reversible Pallets

Four Way Non-Reversible

The top and bottom decks of these products are different and cannot be reversed.

Four Way Fully Reversible Pallets

Four Way Fully Reversible

The top and bottom decks of these products are identical and can be reversed to utilise both sides.

Four Way Perimeter Base Pallets

Four Way Perimeter Base

This product has a flat top with a base using runners around the perimeter of the base only for support. The pallet cannot be reversed.

Four Way Economy Pallet

Four Way Economy

The economy pallet consists of three runners that run perpendicular to one another. This product is built to hold larger objects and is not reversible.

Four Way Sturdy Pallets

Four Way Sturdy

The sturdy design is not reversible but has runners on the bottom and the top built in such a way as to offer maximum support for goods.



A baleboard has a flat design and does not have entry ports for a forklift or jack.